Marketing Services

We provide you a Director of Marketing, as if you had one in house to handle all of your marketing needs.

Print Services

From Business cards to signage, we’ve got you covered!

Promo Products

We have over 600,000 promotional products to choose from, to meet your specific needs.

Trade Show

Going to a trade show? We provide custom trade show booths, tents, signage, table cloths and other trade show accessories.

Why My Marketing Department?

My Marketing Department® is an All-Inclusive, Flat-Fee marketing and advertising agency, catering to businesses who need additional marketing support without adding additional staff. Consolidate all your creative, printing, web, planning, promotions and everything to do with marketing and advertising your business with one point of contact and one trusted company.

Not enough hours in the day to…

  • Coordinate with your graphic artist,Busy professionalFeather-01
  • Run up to your local office supply to print some overpriced flyers,
  • Call your webmaster to add new staff bios to the website,
  • Track down your sign guy to get your banner for the event this weekend,
  • Return the call from your promotional products vendor who left you a message 2 days ago about the pens you ordered,
  • Jump on the Internet and research the competitor who is moving in down the street,
  • Meet with your mailing company to figure out where you are going to target your next direct mail campaign,
  • Then spend hours working with the newspaper, magazine, billboard, radio, TV and website advertising reps about your ads and budget?

My Marketing Department takes all of this off your plate by giving you one point of contact, leaving you to run your business.


Marketing Services


Brand Development done by My Marketing Department

Now that we have told you about our brand, we can easily transition into how we can help you develop your brand.
First, your brand is your company’s face. It represents your relationship with your customers — and if you do it right it can blossom into something much deeper. But you can only get there if you have a plan.

Some companies will tell you that your brand identity is simply a logo, and maybe a collection of colors that you use. But while those items are important, it is much deeper than that. It is the “voice” you use when communicating with the public; it is the tone you set in how you do business; it is the choices you make every day. All of these things define what your company is in the eyes of the public and your customers.

Can you imagine Apple suddenly producing computers in a plain beige box? Ferrari producing a truck to compete with the F-150? No, because those moves would go against everything that those companies have worked so hard to cultivate. Simply put, they don’t fit the brand that Apple and Ferrari have built for themselves.

Design & Creative

My Marketing Department designs and creates look and feel

Creative is the fun part of the job. But it applies to more than just the time spent doing the artwork, or production of ads or billboards. It is also about our approach.

Creativity is just as important in how we utilize solutions. How we plan your existing advertising campaign or budget. Even the media planning process is open to injections of creativity — is there a better way to reach your customer? Is there a way to do this less expensively?

From developing logos, taglines and even full marketing campaigns — to simply utilizing a tool you currently use in a different way — creativity is much more than just artwork or design. Creativity is a means to finding the solution that works for you.

E-Campaigns & Newsletters

My Marketing Departments eNewsletter campaigns


The eNewsletter is effective way to reach customers who have already expressed an interest in your company and/or products, and it is an opportunity to influence the buying habits of these customers. When done correctly, it is seen by your customer as a tool rather than an invasive inconvenience. It is also a great way to leverage your other online and social media presence.

All of our e-campaigns have a very clear and easy opt-out message because it is the right thing to do! We work with our clients to craft meaningful communications for their customers, making our opt out rates so low they hardly register!


My Marketing Department billboards

This is where the rubber meets the road for many marketing clients. Where do we need to advertise to reach our intended audience, and how can I do it the most effectively?

We will work with you to develop an effective media plan, so that your message gets in front of the right people as efficiently as possible.

Whether you want to advertise on TV, radio, online, in print or even run a billboard campaign — no problem.
If you don’t know how to reach your target audience, we can help you there as well. We’ll show you what media resonates with your target, and we’ll explain why. We’ll also show you tips on how to leverage that medium’s strengths and opportunity’s to reduce your overall costs.

Promotions & Printing

My marketing Department promotions and printing

Promotional Products

MMD is part of a network of promotional marketing companies, which allows us to provide more than 600,000 items at prices that are usually reserved for extremely high quantity orders. If you are looking for a promotional product — from inexpensive giveaway ball-point pens, to high-end client gifts and employee recognitions, we have it all.


The first major expansion of the My Marketing Department® brand was Initially it was conceived as a means to simply save our clients money, as we led them to utilizing printed items such as business cards, post cards, rack cards and door hangers as part of their marketing strategy.

We quickly realized that if we opened up this entity to the public, everyone stood to benefit. Our clients get the benefits of the increased volume, and the public gets access to the same quality products that My Marketing Department® recommends and uses.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Laser Target your market with EDDM. Let us show you how!

Web Design

My Marketing Department builds websites

Every company needs an online presence. It’s your digital business card!  We offer a user-focused website management package that will allow our customers to update and customize their websites themselves — in a “what you see is what you get” interface that requires almost no experience. (Seriously, it is more like updating a Word document than coding a website.)

If you don’t have a website or you are looking to update an old, outdated one with fresh new ideas, we can help. Check out our packages here

About Us

Unlike many marketing, branding or advertising agencies, we are not an agency rife with overhead and steeped in excess. We are actually a bit offended when we see the game rooms and expensive toys some agencies in our industry have at their offices. Why are we offended? Because we used to be on the client side, and knew it was OUR money that was paying for the excess. Here at My Marketing Department we focus on keeping our overhead low, our ideas fresh and our message clear. Our goal is to take your marketing and advertising burdens off your “to do list” (while saving you money) so you can run your business.

My Marketing Department was designed as an All-Inclusive, Flat-Fee marketing and advertising agency catering to businesses who need additional marketing support without adding additional staff. We often work as the Marketing Department for businesses who do not want or have a formal in-house marketing department. Our services cut down on obvious business expenses like; taxes, workers compensation, Social Security, unemployment and eliminate other issues businesses deal with such as; sick days, scheduling nightmares, training, and the list could go on… Basically, we save our clients money and unnecessary headaches when it comes to marketing and advertising their business.

Our Team has over 30 years of experience in the marketing/advertising/promotions and print industries. Our experience is broad ranging from Major League Baseball and Big Banking to Hometown businesses.

We have a systematic approach to planning and creating marketing campaigns for our clients. It’s quite simple: Create a plan => Be consistent => Make adjustments along the way => Keep our clients on top.

“My Marketing Department has been serving us for the past 7 years. They are very detailed oriented and hands on. We have monthly meetings to review our current and upcoming plans for growth & advertising… What I enjoy most is working together with them to achieve the common goal of making our Small World Pediatrics brand prominent online & in the community… Just as important is their understanding of our budget for our advertising needs. They help us “make it work.” We recommend My Marketing Department for the quality and friendliness of their work. They provide a total package to meet your needs, tailored specifically to you!”

~ Dr. Silva


“Just wanted you to know about the excellent response we are receiving to our brochure. It has resulted in several outstanding orders for us!” ~ Gary Metalonis
“It is great to tell ad reps to call My Marketing Department, and to not have them bother me again.” ~ Mike Malki
“Allen has been very responsive and does keep me updated as promised.” ~ Devan M
The American Business Awards

Location & Hours

Our office is located in Seminole, Florida.

7777 131st Street N STE 9
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Monday – Friday: 10am-4pm
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