Last month, we discussed how Google favors large corporations over small businesses in terms of ad placement and organic search. So, why do small, medium, and large companies cater their ad dollars and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts toward what Google says? Well, this graphic from tells the story:

Google currently has an 85.79% market share of all internet searches in the United States and an 84.14% market share worldwide. According to, 5.44 billion people worldwide were using the internet in April 2024. That means 4.57 billion people worldwide (277.7 million Americans) used Google at some point in April 2024! Yes, that is correct—in one month!

Second place is Bing at 7.8%. This is why we cater to Google regarding SEO and ads. If you focused only on Bing or Yahoo, you would spend the same amount of time optimizing your website to reach a fraction of your target market. What we see now is that Bing and Yahoo are similar to Google, as we see search results go up on these platforms just by optimizing Google.

In our client’s monthly SEO reports, we include Bing and Yahoo results, as they do bring clicks. It’s not anywhere near what comes from Google, but we do give them a presence, as long as any changes we make do not hurt our rankings on Google.

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