Social Media or Google – Which is Better?
Before we answer, let’s look at whom they reach:
Social Media Ads:
You can reach a new segment of your target audience by using social media ads. These individuals have never heard of you, don’t know you, and aren’t prepared to make a purchase from you. They are at the top of the sales funnel or the awareness stage.

Google Ads:
Google advertising reaches people who are in need right now. They are actively searching the keywords for your product or service. They are now in the funnel’s conversion stage.

The ideal strategy is to combine Google AdWords and social media to reach leads from the awareness through conversion stages, ensuring sustainable growth. Additionally, your social media ads can help your Google AdWords results: According to statistics, people are more likely to click on the ad of the company they have heard about.

Google AdWords and social media ads are not normally stand-alone solutions. They each play a unique role in the marketing process, and in order for them to be effective, other elements must cooperate with them.

To expand your organic reach on Google, which has a more lasting impact, you should always be investing in SEO. But, if you don’t have a strong online presence, it can take some time before you begin to get organic leads that would eventually allow you to cut back or perhaps stop running ads.

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