Unlike accounting, graphic design is one of those skills that is subjective to the person’s eye, or as one would think. But there are rules that we have learned over the years to make designs, logos, ads, websites, and other marketing materials work.

Yes, people have brought us some great ideas for design, and some we have to politely change the whole concept. The beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but subconsciously the brain may wander off from your intended results when looking at a piece.

Here are some mistakes to keep in mind when you are preparing to convey your graphic design idea to your marketing department:

Too Many Fonts: Keep your sales collateral under three fonts and no more than two with your logo and tagline.

Choosing the Wrong or Too Many Colors: It is okay to use the colors of your favorite football team as long as they go with your company. But colors that clash or are hard to replicate in print need not be seen. Keep it to two or three, and DO NOT use gradients or halftones in your logo. When it comes time to purchase shirts and giveaway items, you will thank me.

Not Agreeing to Create a Versatile Design: The best graphics are multi-purpose. Having only a vertical logo does not work well in a horizontal situation, and vice-versa. You need to be open to having a logo that either works both ways or have an alternate for each. Your graphic designer is thinking about all the possible ways your logo will be used during the creation of your logo. From embroidery to business cards to signs, it has to work.

So, give your designer a broad idea of what you want, then let them come back with some ideas and mock-ups. Too much constraint may not get you what you want or reach your target market.

If you want to toss some graphic ideas around or have an idea for a rebrand of your current company, call us at 727.888.1200.

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