Are you tired of looking at screens? Since February 2020, the number of weekly virtual meetings has risen by around 150%, with the amount of time people spend in those meetings up by 252% — that is a lot of time staring at screens all day. And Deloitte’s “2021 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey” found that the average household now has an average of 25 connected devices!!

For marketers looking to reach that same audience, online or mobile ads are losing effectiveness as people seek to step away from the digital world when they end their workday. So what are you to do?

This is where direct mail comes in — a medium that has never gone away but is seeing a resurgence post-pandemic. By adding direct mail to your online campaigns, you now have an actual touch point that prospects and customers can touch and feel.

You will see more marketing campaigns with a mixture of online ads, direct mail, and a representative’s personal touch (phone call or visit). Hopefully, the Robocalls will not be in the mix! Ugh!

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